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Congratulations on being proactive about your health!

Our blog posts are meant to inform and entertain. They are meant to spark your imagination while at the same time, getting your in touch with your body. Here are some aspects of our blogs that will help you get acquainted with our system:

Modules: Many of our blogs will come in the form of learning modules. Modules are sets of lessons that are organized in a step by step manner to help you learn from a basic (beginner) to expert level (advanced). When you get more advanced, you can go to any point in the module for a refresher, but we don't recommend you skip ahead. You will NOT get the most use of these modules by skipping around.

Edutainment: We not only want to inform you, but also entertain you. We use lots of pictures to demonstrate our concepts. We do this because many people are visual learners. Our goal is to accommodate for all learning types. By learning, you will become more aware. With more awareness, you will change behaviors.

Awareness: The first step of changing your behavior or getting rid of bad old habits is to become aware that you have bad habits. This comes through awareness. We will teach you how to become more aware of your body through techniques like neuromuscular reeducation (NMR), therapeutic exercises (TE), therapeutic activities (TA), gait training and more.

Behavior Modification: The ultimate goal of Fyzical Posture is to help you adapt to behaviors that promote good posture and movement. Why is this important: Because it protects the parts of your movement systems and preserves your physical structure. That means with behavioral modification, you have increase longevity.

Practice and Repetition: Our posts are to be used for learning and relearning. There are many layers in learning posture and movements. You will want to practice and repeat to improve your skills. As you practice, you will master some of the concepts and have more questions. Come back and re-read as much as you want. These concepts are as valid for beginners as it is for experts. They are universal.

Universal: Our information is available to all, and beneficial to all. Whether you're a high performance athlete or elderly with balance disorders, you can learn things that will improve your movements and health. Same goes for age. It doesn't matter what age you are. Posture and movement is something that is lifelong, so why not make it better?

Comments and Questions: Even though this information is made to be understood by all, we know that initially, this can be very daunting and confusing. You can leave comments and questions in the comments sections below, and we will answer your in a timely manner. We are excited to help you in any way possible.

Need more help? If you require a more personal touch, you can take advantage of our services. Our physical therapists and movement experts can help you. For more detail, call us at 941-417-8300 or email us at You can also contact us here.

Have fun and...practice, practice, practice!

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