Perception and Truth

Perception and Truth

The human mind is AMAZING! Ray Kurzweil believes we will reach Singularity in the near future – a point at which chips will compute like human brains due to exponential growth of technology by 2020, and reverse engineer the human brain by 2029. While that is exciting, it will still be a very long time before the human experience can be replicated. No doubt, technology is the driver of the current renaissance of scientific awakening. However, it will be a long time before technology can fully answer all questions that perplex our minds. In addition, the complexity of problems experienced by different people varies greatly. A problem for one person is often for the benefit of another person. There is currently no answer that technology, science, religion, government, the financial sector or any other big group has given to make everyone happy. The UNIVERSAL TRUTH is this: there will always be problems, and the person who has the problem is the only one who can truly fix it. In other words, only you can fix your own problems.

Perception, Consciousness and Beliefs

Perceptions shape the way we experience life, also known as consciousness. Our problems live in our consciousness, which then drives our behaviors. Our behaviors lead us to seek out pleasure, or eradicate pain. This is philosophical, but this leads to the point being made. No computer can ever be devised to factor all individuals’ perceptions leading to their consciousness that will ultimately affect their behaviors. Technology may want us to believe that, but the UNIVERSAL TRUTH denies this assertion. The same goes for all other major industries, groups, governments and businesses. None of it is based on truth, but rather on self-serving interests for the purpose of managing our perception of reality…something we call our belief.

So what should we believe in then? The answer lies in TRUTH. Always be skeptical of someone telling you to believe them, because they are usually not telling you the TRUTH, just their opinions. They are convincing you to change your beliefs for their own benefit…not yours.

Find Your TRUTH

Finding the TRUTH is hard, because only you can find it. In fact your truth will be different from others. For example, if you are a lover of art, your TRUTH is that going to an art gallery is exciting. A person that loves sports may feel differently about that, but would feel the same about attending a live sporting event. For each of us, what we see and perceive is as different. We have to be able to look at ourselves in a different light to truly see who we are and what our own TRUTH is.

So each person has to find their own TRUTH. How do they do that? First thing is back up to perception and consciousness. Why does the art lover love art? Does colors stimulate their rods and cones in the eyes in a more pleasing way, which then sends signals to the brain at a different rate or frequency than other stimuli? Does the sports lover get an adrenaline rush when they see two athletes compete? Are these two people even perceiving the same thing? Is the art lover looking at the drab green and white lined field in the stadium thinking they would rather jump off a bridge than start at the boring symmetry of the whole thing? Does the sports lover in the art gallery think, “These colors are just like any other color I see in the world.” If the art lover instead perceived the beauty of movements of athletes, or the sports lover perceived the actions of the painter to create the paint strokes that are apparent when examining the artwork closely…would they change their beliefs? Would they then consciously come to a new TRUTH?

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