Are You a Masterpiece or a Catastrophe? Ask the Right Question!

By Sanjeev Joseph

Physical Therapist, CEO, Innovator, Educator passionate about fixing bodies and changing lives

No Halfway About It

Is the glass half full or empty? That is the worst question of all time. It forces you to rationalize with great effort about the glass being half full or empty. The problem here is…why is it only HALF full (or empty) in the first place? Why isn’t it COMPLETELY full or empty? Why isn’t YOUR GLASS full of everything GOOD. Why isn’t YOUR GLASS empty of everything BAD? Shaping your question this way will lead you to ask the right questions in life.

Some would say that the world is like that, and we are powerless to change it. We can’t control everything that happens in the world. While it may sound like the truth, there is one glaring problem. We are all given FREE WILL! It allows us to create our own world through the use of our own thoughts, resources, and actions. You can live a life that is a masterpiece, or a catastrophe. Which will it be?


There is a mindset that often leads to catastrophic events. It can be summed up this way. If a person ever asks you for money, you would ask them how they intend to pay you back. If the answer relates to some element of destiny, divine intervention, or luck…that is a catastrophic mindset that will lead to catastrophe. You’ll see that you spend much of your energy putting out fires.

This is borne out of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of change, fear or the uncertain. So we attribute supernatural traits to these things so we then comfort ourselves for being too lazy to find answers.

“With any luck”, “By God’s Grace”, “If it’s in the cards”. Those are all statements that have no bearing on reality. It is steeped in mystery. That fills half of your cup. If you believe in that, you have let yourself down…you’ve allowed something other than you to determine your future. The crux of a half full life is having lived a having lived only half full life. It leaves you wanting more at the end…bitterness, melancholy, and dissatisfaction are the outcomes.


Rembrandt didn’t create his work by doing half the work, putting in half the effort, immersing himself halfway into his art, holding on to half of the limitations that were holding him back. He went all the way, knowing there would be turning back. Halfway is safe but average…all the way is risky but fulfilling.

Staring at the other side of ambiguity leads to happiness. It means you found your own truth and didn’t leave much to chance or luck, even though both chance and luck may have been connected (which it customarily is). But at the end of it all, you are left amidst calm and solace.

My Masterpiece

My personal mission in life is to live a full life with no regrets at the end. Part of that involves helping people achieve the same mindset. Being a physical therapist, personal success means having great health and giving the same to others. I find the beauty in the human structure, and I know how to create it. I know how to design it. It begins with great posture and progresses into great body movements. Part of my strategy in doing this is education.

Enter I use it as a toolbox that I put information in so that I can always reference it…but also for others to use. I educate people all over the world with this tool. Gone are the days when a person had to be in front of me to offer this.

Today with the power of technology, I can educate anyone in the world, as I have done for others in person. The future will involve other innovative ways to educate myself and others. Hopefully, this will have given me some sense of fulfillment in the end, and I will have created My Masterpiece.

Become a Masterpiece

You may not be the next Rembrandt, but you can be a masterpiece. It starts getting rid of the question “Is the glass half empty or full?” and replacing it with “Why isn’t the glass completely full or empty?” During a lifetime, the glass needs to be full of life, empty of fear. At the end of life, your glass should be empty of wish and full of memories. That’s a life well lived…a masterpiece.

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